Ultramodern access control in new Red Cross office

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The Spanish Red Cross's new office building, located in Córdoba, has been equipped with SMARTair™ wireless access control and accompanying products for an efficient, configurable system.


In collaboration with the architect Francisco Daroca Bruño, the Spanish Red Cross in Córdoba wanted to create a new office building, with a human-centered design, to reflect the organization’s humanitarian work.


The main challenge was to provide the highest possible security level for a large number of users. The Red Cross wanted to replace all the mechanical keys, enable security managers to grant access remotely, and manage several facilities from the same place. At the same time, they wanted high user security, and to manage the operation’s various users, including 3,000 volunteers, 100 employees, visitors and emergency service staff.


ASSA ABLOY’s wireless access system SMARTair™ satisfies the Red Cross most important requirement: an effective system that can be configured and upgraded and satisfies all the users’ needs. The doors are now opened by programmable smart cards, eliminating the risk of lost keys. A single system gives property managers control over who enters and exits the building and when.

The wireless system enables security staff to monitor the building’s security status in real time. Events can be simply tracked, and the system can easily be expanded should the Red Cross want to integrate more facilities in the future.

The aesthetic factor was also decisive for the Red Cross choice. Glazed doors blend well into the open and transparent building. ASSA ABLOY also supplied panic hardware, door closers and sliding doors.