HID Global provides flexible access control for Munich on-demand office

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HID Global’s EdgeReader ERP40 and multiCLASS SE reader enabled efficient and flexible access control for Performance Buildings’ on-demand offices in Munich.


Performance Buildings provides technology for “on-demand” offices. It has a partnership with Munich-based Design Offices to design and implement high-end technology offerings for tenants of shared office workspaces that utilize office space as and when required.


Performance Buildings and Design Offices needed a secure access system that was easy to use and delivered cost benefits.
They needed interoperable, secure, convenient and future-proof access control technology for office spaces; a cost efficient IP-based solution that could be easily integrated and installed. The system needed to support the “on-demand” functionality, with an open application programming interface (API) that allows for a wide choice of custom configurations.


HID Global was selected because it was the only company with the ability to support the cutting-edge IT architecture and provide the flexibility that the customer required.
The core solution was HID Global’s EdgeReader® ERP40, an IP-based card reader that meets the demands of open architecture, IP-centric environments.
In addition, HID Global’s multiCLASS SE® reader provides tenants with flexibility in using a range of access card technologies, such as contactless proximity cards and smart cards, or even NFC smartphones. Office visitors can also access office workspaces via Performance Buildings’ touch screen enabled by EdgeReader.
Performance Buildings reported that it had seen a return on investment within six months of deployment in Munich and improved efficiencies thereafter.