Famous landmark secures its facilities with IKON VERSO CLIQ


The Berlin Television Tower relies on the security and flexibility provided by IKON VERSO CLIQ locking system.


The Berlin Television Tower, located in downtown Berlin with 1.2 million visitors a year, faced high security requirements as a result of the tower's landmark status. 


The Television Tower's operating company needed a system to manage all public areas, the two high-speed lifts, the restaurant, storerooms and the administrative offices in the building around the base of the tower. The operators also needed to be able to trace who last entered a particular room at the exact time and check who last unlocked a particular door, locker or office cupboard when needed. 

Another security challenge was the constant fluctuation in security requirements with seasonal staff and temporary workers in varying sections of the tower and restructuring or outsourcing to external companies. This required a system that could easily be adapted to fit the authorization requirements of each person.


The IKON VERSO CLIQ solution, a mechatronic locking system which combines highly developed microelectronics with intelligent data encryption, offered the company the security and flexibility they were looking for. The solution has reduced the company’s workload and operates quickly and securely to meet the requirements. 

“The locking system fulfills our requirements 100 percent. I personally regard the acquisition of the locking system as an investment in security for our company,” says Christina Aue, CEO of V Turm Alexanderplatz Gastronomiegesellschaft.’