Keeping Britain’s water clean and pure


When Scottish Water in the UK needed a unified and effective barrier against extreme weather and persistent acts of vandalism, it turned to Abloy, whose solutions are used by water companies worldwide to safeguard sites from unauthorized access.


Scottish Water, the UK’s fourth largest water and waste-water service provider, is a publicly-owned company answering to the Scottish Parliament. It provides services to 2.2 million private and 130,000 business customers across the UK.  


Safeguarding a water utility involves protecting the property and facilities against attempted security breaches and vandalism, often in remote locations that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Scottish Water required standardized locks across multiple sites that could also be opened by several individuals with varying access rights.

These systems needed to be integrated across different lock types, such as cylinders, padlocks, and industrial locks, so that authorized personnel could access specific areas without requiring multiple sets of keys.


Scottish Water decided to standardize all of its sites on the Abloy master keying system to control access for front-line staff members, each of whom have different levels of responsibility and security clearance.

The solution included the Abloy PL340 padlock, which is constructed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and provide maximum resistance against attack. It also included the Abloy Protec two-way cylinder mechanism whose patented features make it practically pickproof.

We depend on the continuous and reliable operation of all our water and waste treatment sites, making the use of security products and systems, especially those provided by Abloy, of critical importance.”

Paul Mitchell
Chief security advisor at Scottish Water