Access control with CLIQ protects Swedish historical buildings


To improve access control at historical buildings, Sweden’s National Property Board has decided to install the CLIQ lock system from ASSA ABLOY’s Group company ASSA at the Royal Dramatic Theater, the Royal Opera, the Stockholm Music and Theater Museum and Hallwyl Palace.


Sweden’s National Property Board operates the Royal Dramatic Theater, the Royal Opera, the Stockholm Music and Theater Museum and Hallwyl Palace.


Far too many keys had been going missing – even master keys. That’s why Mickael Andersson at the National Property Board, Theaters and Museums, decided to replace all of the lock cylinders in the utility rooms of these vintage buildings with the ASSA CLIQ lock system.

The idea is to use different keys to access the elevator, the ventilation room and the electrical utility room in the buildings to provide entry only to the specific doors that individual contractors need to access. If the contractor forgets to return the key, it can be blocked.

The Royal Dramatic Theater has utility spaces in the basement, the middle of the building and the attic – they’re everywhere. Installing an access system that completely avoids key management is expensive. But these are also sensitive environments where it is impossible to install wiring and code readers for aesthetic reasons.


On a tour of the Royal Dramatic Theater building, we make our way past cluttered aisles and up a well-used elevator to the costume storage area next to the staff restaurant kitchen, near the top of the building. Along one wall, there are a couple of steel doors marked “fan room” and “filter room” – doors for which ASSA dp CLIQ will be a good match.

With ASSA dp CLIQ, access to doors can be controlled as specific keys can easily be blocked. Andersson wanted that feature throughout, and therefore chose to install ASSA dp CLIQ cylinders everywhere. Installation of the new locking system in the buildings that Andersson is responsible for will soon be completed. Roger Carlsson, the facility services manager in charge of locks and keys, is planning suitable access routes for different types of contractors.

ASSA dp CLIQ is safe and simple – and that’s why he chose it. If someone loses a key, it’s easy to block it, instead of replacing the entire lock system – which would be expensive.