Complete solution for Brussels decision makers


The partnership began more than a decade ago when the architect teamed with ASSA ABLOY during construction of the existing European Parliament buildings, known as D1, D2 and D3, all centered on Luxembourg Square in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

Paul Cassiman, responsible for the project at ASSA ABLOY, says the existing relationship with the architect association of Cérau, Genval Architecture and Van den Bossche, ensured there was confidence in the Group’s products and capabilities.

“We have listed all the hardware for doors: everything from door handles through to the mechanical and electronic locks, panic devices and electronic control,” he says. “It is a really big project covering offices, conference rooms, translation booths… everything parliamentarians will need.”

Definitely a massive project, the two buildings (D4 and D5) will host not only office and meeting space for 400 members of parliament, but the external relations and external policy operations, media facilities and the European museum. Between them the buildings cover 250,000 square meters and incorporate more than 2000 doors.

Renaud Dardenne, from Cérau, says the collaboration has worked well. “ASSA ABLOY helped us to set up the door schedule and together we chose the best solutions, providing answers to all the European Parliament’s requests. I really appreciate working within competent people and quality products.".