Veile Friskole, Denmark


Easy to install and use, with our SMARTair access control students, teachers and parents can securely enter school premises precisely where and when they need to.

CUSTOMER: Vejle Friskole, Denmark, was founded in 1893 and the school has over 200 students.

CHALLENGE: Part of Denmark’s ‘Friskole’ (Free School) ethos involves both parents and students participating in activities outside school hours, which created key management problems, especially during weekends. Staff spent a very long time handling keys, approximately five hours a week in total. They sought an upgraded access control solution, to save site managers this unnecessary manual workload.

SOLUTION: Mechanical keys have been replaced by a SMARTair access control system. Over 80 doors and cabinets around the school are secured with SMARTair wireless devices. Now, students, teachers and parents each carry their own key fob, programmed to open only permitted doors. With locking devices tailored to different kinds of opening, everyone at the school can open the doors and cabinets they need with a single programmable fob.

SMARTair is easy for the school to manage. Time-consuming challenges with lost keys and general administration of physical keys have been eliminated. Today, staff spend around five minutes a week managing their access system. In addition to making everyday life easier and saving staff time and administration costs, SMARTair has also increased security.