Smartphones open doors at Vanderbilt University


The HID Mobile Access solution enabled Vanderbilt University in Nashville, the US, to assess the value of mobile credentials and issue and manage mobile IDs to smartphones.


Vanderbilt University, Nashville, US, has earned many distinctions, including Princeton Review’s top ranking for colleges with the happiest students. 


Administrators at Vanderbilt University wanted to understand and assess the value of mobile credentials in the university environment, and experience the process of issuing, managing and revoking mobile IDs to smartphones.

The university was interested in the benefits of HID Mobile Access, but also needed to be sure that the solution was easy to use and manage. Plus, while administrators wanted an innovative alternative to existing access cards, it was also important that the solution supported legacy cards and new smart card technology as well as the new mobile IDs.


The HID Mobile Access solution that Vanderbilt piloted supports Bluetooth Smart and includes Mobile IDs, Mobile Apps, mobile-enabled iCLASS SE readers powered by Seos, and the HID Secure Identity Services portal for provisioning and revoking Mobile IDs to a variety of Apple and Android mobile devices.

Mobile-enabled iCLASS SE readers were deployed at 16 entry points, and the university was also able to use existing iCLASS smart cards with them. Pilot participants were able to open doors with a “tap” to the reader, or use their Bluetooth connection and HID Global’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture technology to open doors as well as gates from a distance.