Complete security and safety solution for school district


Door openings from ASSA ABLOY solve numerous challenges for the Aransas County Independent School District (ISD).


Aransas County ISD is an independent county-wide school system serving a 780 square kilometer area in southeastern Texas, US. It has over 3,000 students and five educational facilities.


While constructing a new school and refurbishing an existing facility, school district personnel wanted to heighten facility security, boost safety, increase convenience and enhance operational facility. A keyless locking system, windstorm-resistant openings, durable wood doors, and a motion sensor door operator for a loading dock were among the many challenges Aransas County ISD wanted to address.


The school district achieved this advanced functionality with complete opening solutions that include doors, electronic access control locks, a high security key system, electric hinges, door closers, door operators, gasketing, accessory hardware and windstorm-rated openings from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Curries, Maiman, McKinney, Norton, Pemko, Rockwood, Sargent and Securitron.

The security system is anchored by more than 400 Sargent Harmony Integrated Wiegand locksets that allow centralized access control and the ability to implement instant lockdowns. The stylish Harmony locks accent the Maiman Thermal Fused flush wood doors found on each classroom.  Thermal Fused doors are exceptionally durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, a delivery area was equipped with the Norton SafeZone electromechanical door closers that feature a built-in motion sensor.

And given its location right along the Gulf Coast, exterior doorways are equipped with ASSA ABLOY windstorm opening assemblies constructed with hollow metal doors and frames from Curries, McKinney hinges and Sargent exit devices. By selecting complete door opening solutions from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, the Aransas County ISD has boosted safety, security and operational convenience – keeping kids safer.