In 2017 ASSA ABLOY acquired LOB S.A., a leading producer of locks, cylinders and padlocks in Poland. Since the transaction was approved in 2018, the complex process of integrating LOB into ASSA ABLOY has been taking place.

LOB was founded over 90 years ago and the brand is well known in Poland, with a market share of about 75 percent in the Master Key Segment (MKS). There was naturally some concern when ASSA ABLOY acquired the company.

While there was interest in the ASSA ABLOY products coming into the LOB network, customers and distributors had doubts about things like the brand’s continued existence, distribution methods and prices. And, as often happens with acquisitions, LOB employees worried about their future.

To address these concerns ASSA ABLOY established an integration team and called a meeting with all LOB employees to assure them that no jobs would disappear.

Becoming part of such a big organization has led to many positive changes.

“We introduced ASSA ABLOY, the philosophy of our work and the goals that guide us,” says Waldemar Maciszewski, post mergers & acquisitions integration manager, ASSA ABLOY East Europe Region. “We clearly described the future of LOB in the group and what benefits being in the ASSA ABLOY family brings for employees.”

These benefits come from working for a multinational market leader where there are plenty of opportunities to be promoted and gain knowledge. LOB employees will also benefit from the revamping of their old factory to one that is more modern, efficient and cleaner.

“Becoming part of such a big organization has led to many positive changes in all areas of the company’s operations,” says Mariusz Mikołajewski, managing director, LOB. “A lot of my coworkers have new responsibilities and have also gained personal development opportunities. ASSA ABLOY's international work environment enables the exchange of experiences and daily learning. People are learning new skills, including English. Some employees are already working with colleagues from the EMEA region or even China.

Waldemar also believes that ASSA ABLOY’s integration strategy helps keep people motivated so that they remain at the company. “We adapt the company to ASSA ABLOY standards, but it’s the employees themselves who make the changes, with our help and within the overall ASSA ABLOY vision.”