That’s what’s happening at ASSA ABLOY Singapore, and with great success. The company is pioneering a DDL solution for the city’s vast majority of state properties that feature an outer metal gate, in addition to a main front door. 

Most of Singapore’s residents – almost 80 percent – live in the city’s million-plus government built Housing Development Board (HDB) apartments, which are built to a high quality and are very popular. 

The metal gates may be popular, but they are not convenient, as opening both doors involves two sets of keys. Digital door locks are a simpler solution, as they can be opened with a PIN code, but the market has focused on their installation on the main door only. 

“This means that you still need a key to open the metal gate, negating much of the convenience,” says Patrick Ng, general manager at ASSA ABLOY Singapore. “A team here in Singapore, identified a gap in the market for a DDL on the outer metal gate as well and set about developing a convenient solution for customers.” 

This solution – the Yale Gatelock – was introduced in early 2015. Another new model is set to be launched at the end of 2017. With the market all to itself – and a million apartments – two million doors – as a target, sales are growing fast, both on new properties and as retrofits. 

We set about developing a convenient solution for customers

New models have updated feature options – biometrics in the form of fingerprint recognition, remote-control fobs and the ability to use a mobile phone to unlock the door. 

While sales are focused primarily on individual consumers living in HDB properties, the Yale DDL system is also winning admirers with specifiers in private residential. Yale DDLs were recently installed in 1,000 properties in Marina One Residences, a prestigious condominium complex.