Helen Limited produces and distributes electricity, heating and cooling to 400,000 households in Finland. Critical infrastructure protection is therefore vital. But when 1,100 employees had to keep track of 37,000 keys on its premises, administration got difficult and security was jeopardized.

“There were simply too many keys to keep track of and no way of following which key had been in which door and by whom,” says Mats Fagerström, chief security manager at Helen. “In our line of business this is crucial information. Abloy Oy had what we were looking for. Not only the product, but their way of working, always with the future in mind.”

Staff at Helen are happy with the change to one key instead of a handful. Today, every employee receives a key that is authorized and activated for ten hours, in the beginning of a workday. When the key is recharged the next morning, the stored information is deleted from the key and saved onto a server in case it is needed later on.

“The biggest benefit is that the security has improved significantly”

If a key was lost in the old system, the locks and keys needed replacing. Today, that particular key is simply blocked in the system. If found, it can be reactivated again. In addition to the cost and administration benefits, the maintenance of the doors has improved immensely.

Three people from Helen work closely with Abloy and a third party handles the administration of the keys and documentation. The work is far from done and Helen is now preparing for the implementation of the PROTEC2 CLIQ system in 16,000 multi-storey buildings where it distributes energy.

Abloy’s PROTEC2 CLIQ system has enabled Helen to cut its keys from 37,000 to 1,428.