E-passport solution for Tanzania makes travel simpler

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Smoother travel and improved border security is coming to Tanzania as its government selected a complete electronic passport solution from HID Global for the country’s transformative e-immigration program.

The new e-passport will make travel easier for the country’s citizens, such as simply scanning their passports electronically at border control stations upon entry and exit. The e-passport conforms to all international standards as set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization, ensuring that its features can be used by Tanzanians as they travel around the world.  

A notable benefit is that an e-passport holder can be issued with an emergency passport on their smartphone if their passport is stolen or lost. This convenient solution is enabled using HID’s award-winning Seos technology for mobile citizen IDs, called HID goID.

The new Tanzania e-passport contains a contactless chip embedded in its polycarbonate data page, which is proven as tamper-proof.  Verifying the identities of travelers is a high priority for governments worldwide, as they crack down on counterfeit passports and upgrade border facilities. 

HID Global has established a lasting relationship with the government of Tanzania to ensure the highest levels of security for many years to come. Stefan Widing, President and CEO of HID Global, says: “The Tanzanian government’s vision for faster, more secure electronic verification of identities matched our end-to-end solution capabilities for citizen identity.

”HID Global, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand, has provided more than 150 million government-issued IDs in over 50 countries for major projects that include national ID, e-passport, foreign resident ID, driver’s license and vehicle registration programs. HID products and technology are present in 60 percent of all government-issued electronic identity projects globally.

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