Troy Jackson, vice president for commercial excellence in Asia Pacific (APAC), joined ASSA ABLOY in May 2017. He was recruited to help improve the quality of ASSA ABLOY’s commercial capabilities and interactions with customers, in order to enhance the customers’ experience of doing business with ASSA ABLOY.

Establishing the new Commercial Excellence team was an important step towards achieving this goal. “Our work is all about understanding the customers, who they are, why they buy, and what their needs are, in order to deliver unique solutions that consistently exceed their expectations,” says Troy.

The Commercial Excellence team, based in Hong Kong, manages issues ranging from branding and marketing to digital e-commerce, developing value-based pricing models and implementing improvements to the sales process and CRM, BIM and architectural marketing systems.

Our work is all about understanding the customers

One of the key day-to-day tasks for the APAC Commercial Excellence team is to develop Voice of the Customer insights to build in-depth knowledge of different market segments. It also develops tools, such as integrated CRM systems, designed to make ASSA ABLOY’s dealings with its customers more effective.

“Doing things right means delivering products and solutions that address customer needs, with a uniqueness that sets us apart from the competition,” says Troy. “If we truly know our customers, we can ensure that they choose to buy ASSA ABLOY because we offer the best experience and solutions that fit their needs.”