Smart home benefits include keyless convenience


Swedish home owner Daniel would find it hard to revert to traditional locks, now that he has experienced the safety, convenience, and sustainability gains that come with having a smart home.

Daniel, who lives with his wife and three young children, has the ASSA ABLOY Yale Doorman digital door lock (DDL) installed in his home, integrated with Verisure’s home alarm system.

“We wanted an easy, keyless system, a functional alarm with cameras, and a system that would support us with climate information for our house,” he says. 

Daniel’s smart home system includes the home alarm, cameras, and smoke detectors with a direct response connection to the alarm operator as well as an automated heating, cooling, and moisture control system.

How it works

When Daniel and his family get home, the DDL tells them the alarm is set to off and the lock is opened. “If our children come home first, I receive an instant text message that informs me,” he says. “And when the last person leaves the house, the DDL tells us that the alarm is set to on.”

His smart home also has three separate thermostats. Several times a day, the system reports temperatures to Daniel via an app on his smartphone, enabling him to make adjustments for comfort and energy savings. 

The smart home features make Daniel and his family feel more secure too.

“It’s also very convenient,” he says. “For example, it’s very easy to give temporary access to a tradesperson who has an appointment at the house when no one is home.”

Daniel looks forward to updating his system with additional features.  

“The biggest surprise with having a smart home is how easy it was to forget about having keys,” he says. “After living in a smart home, it would be very difficult to go back to a traditional locking system – and a lot less convenient.”

Photo: Peter Knutsson