Comfort is king for South Korean smart home owner


Jun Bum Lee, from South Korea’s leading telecommunications firm SK Telecom, uses six connected devices in his smart home. And by simply using an app on his smartphone, he can operate these to create a comfortable home environment.

“In South Korea, energy costs are already low, so it becomes more important to maintain the comfort of your home than to reduce energy costs,” Bum Lee says. “I’m a person who always has my smartphone in my hand, so I expect to install more smart home devices.” 

The smart home devices he already has include a time valve for his gas circuit breaker, digital door locks (DDLs) from ASSA ABLOY Group brand iRevo Gateman, air purifiers, a refrigerator, a dehumidifier, and an air conditioner.

“I’m not only using the smart home devices by remote control while I’m in my home, but also by mode control and intelligence function,” Bum Lee says. 

When he is at home, the system can automatically turn on devices such as the air purifier if there are dust warnings in the area. 

“When I approach my home, I can use the suggestions offered by each device, such as the air purifier or the dehumidifier,” Bum Lee says. “When the house is empty, I can program the house to ‘long-term off.’”

When the intelligence function is on, the system can detect if there is too much humidity in the house and automatically turn on the dehumidifier.

Bum Lee also enjoys the safety benefits of his smart home. For example, the gas circuit breaker’s automatic control turns off after it has been on for 40 minutes. “This helps prevent any gas-related accidents,” he says.

The DDLs also notify Bum Lee when a door is open for an extended period of time.