Making homes smart

The proliferation of smartphones is leading to rapid growth in the market for connect homes or “smart homes.” With the busy lifestyles that we lead today, turning our houses into smart homes can help us save time and increase our feeling of security.

Have you ever been in a hurry to get to the airport to catch a flight – and then, on your way there, had this nagging doubt about whether you’ve turned off the heating, the lights, or the TV, locked your front door, or set the alarm system? 

With a smart home, you can take care of all of this with your smartphone – from the airport. And there are numerous other benefits too. 

In this smart home series, we visit South Korea, Sweden, and the US to see first-hand how smart homes are beginning to fundamentally change the way we live. Click on the links to your right to find out more.

The benefits of the smart home

Having a smart home means having the ability to control major systems in your house or apartment such as temperature, lighting, and security through an automated, synchronized central system that is controlled by a smartphone or computer.  

In practical terms, this means you can program light and climate controls to anticipate your arrival at home, or have them automatically turn off when someone has left the room. You can also lock and unlock doors remotely, or get alerts when someone arrives at your home, to give you a sense of security.