Honeywell Building Solutions integrates Seos technology into its new mobile access app

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Honeywell Building Solutions have integrated ASSA ABLOY’s Seos technology into their Honeywell Vector Occupant App, which allows the user to open doors from a distance, using a mobile device.

ASSA ABLOY Group company HID Global has collaborated with Honeywell to create a new mobile access experience for occupants of their buildings. 

The workplace has been transformed. So has the experience of entering the workplace. All you need now is a smartphone and the right digital credentials in the form of a trusted ID to gain secure access to a single area of a building, an entire facility or multiple locations around the globe. 

HID Global’s Twist and Go technology has been integrated into Honeywell’s solution. With the Honeywell Vector Occupant App in your device, you simply perform a twisting gesture as if pulling down on a door handle to connect with the digital reader. 

The app includes HID Global’s mobile access system, which helps to streamline the management of trusted IDs for building administrators. The technology in the app supports mobile credentials, giving building managers more control over credential transactions.

Based on a customized mobile access solution created from a combination of the Seos credential technology and app software developer kits (SDKs), this digital key could well open up a whole range of doors with Honeywell. 

For as Harm Radstaak, Vice President and Managing Director of the Physical Access Control Solutions business with HID Global, says, “We share a commitment with Honeywell to deliver a more satisfying, mobile-centric experience in smart buildings. We look forward to exploring opportunities with Honeywell to extend the benefits of using trusted identities on mobile devices for a variety of building services and applications.”