OPTIMA access management perfect fit for Finland apartments

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ABLOY OPTIMA access management system provides functional and enhanced security in VVO’s apartment properties in Finland.


VVO Group is a public limited company owning more than 40,000 rental apartments in 43 municipalities in Finland. It is Finland’s largest private landlord.


Diversity and constant turnover of inhabitants is characteristic of rental apartments in Finland. This places special challenges on key management and defining access rights to certain common premises such as store rooms and corridors.

The property managers (building superintendents) must grant and keep a record of the access rights of each resident.


VVO chose the ABLOY OPTIMA access management system combined with the mechanical ABLOY SENTO key system for all its rental premises around Finland, and the ABLOY authorized locksmith company AV Turvaexpertit Oy as its service partner.

ABLOY OPTIMA is a wireless, electronic ready-to-use locking solution for easy and effective access management. When used in rental apartments, the complete solution includes mechanical keys. ABLOY OPTIMA is used to secure common areas and main entrances, while the cost-effective mechanical key solution is used for individual apartments. There is no longer a need for mechanical re-keying in the case of lost credentials. The solution includes basic access control system features: time, calendar and audit trail.

“The audit trail makes it possible to check who has been in an area if something suspicious has happened,” property manager Elina Tyni says. “OPTIMA also makes opening the common area doors easier for residents.”