Door manufacturer recycles 100 percent of wood waste

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Virtually 100 percent of wood scrap is now recycled at the Woodbridge hollow metal door facility thanks to an initiative to ensure its reuse.


Recycling all scrap is a continuous improvement goal of the ASSA ABLOY hollow metal door manufacturing facility in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Not only does recycling bring the company cost savings and engender a sense of community involvement and responsibility, but it also reduces landfill deposits, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and conserves resources.

The vast amount of raw material used by the door factory is delivered from vendors on wood pallets. These pallets are ideal for transporting materials but not sturdy enough to reuse for shipping finished doors to customers. The team was challenged with how to best dispose of nearly 1,500 cubic meters of wood scrap annually without incurring costs and adding to landfill space through the general waste stream.


The pallets are now collected from the factory and sorted by a wood recycling company. Some pallets are reclaimed and used as materials for furniture or house ware items while others are chipped into wood chips to make other items such as paper and wood pellets.


In addition to the facility recycling 100 percent of its wood scrap, it is also making cost savings by not having to pay for its removal.