Recycling soars after dumpster dive

CURRIES, an ASSA ABLOY Group company, has improved its recycling after conducting a dumpster dive to identify and prioritize ways to reduce landfill waste.


CURRIES, a door and frame manufacturing facility in Mason City, Iowa, US, had many recycling streams already established at the facility. However, 247 tons of waste was still sent to landfill in 2013. In order to reduce this amount, they first needed to find out what was being thrown away.


Enter “dumpster dive.”  The waste set to go to landfill was collected for three days before being sorted and itemized into piles based on what each piece of garbage was. After sorting over 1,500 kilos of waste, each category was weighed. Calculations were done to determine percentages and amortize the findings to see what a year of the waste would look like. 


Almost immediately, the company was able to divert approximately 20 tons of metal from landfill each year. An additional 12 tons of waste is expected to be redirected from landfill by increasing the usage of CURRIES’ already-established recycling streams.  The company is doing this by planting “recycling trees” and placing disposal centers throughout the facility to make recycling an easier choice.  Employees can go to one place to throw something away and, at that point, choose what recycling path the waste should take.

The company plans to continue using the data it has gathered to determine other waste types that can be diverted to recycling rather than go to landfill.