Lighting the way to energy savings



Lighting in the offices at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Shanghai factory used 22.5 percent of the total electricity used for lighting in the building.


To cut costs, save energy, and push for a greener building, 411 fluorescent lamps in the office areas were replaced with high-efficiency LED lights.
Energy efficient LED lights use about half the amount of energy needed for fluorescent lamps. For example, in terms of actual wattage, the fluorescent lamps used 35W of electricity, whereas the new LED lights use 19W of electricity.


Replacing the fluorescent lamps with the new LED lights resulted in savings of over CNY 16,000 (EUR 2,100) per year. Additional benefits of the LED lights include a life expectancy twice as long as fluorescent lamps (25,000 hours to 13,000 hours) and consequently reduced maintenance.