Wide range of products secures top conference

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A custom-designed combination of Yale and Doormax products will ensure security at the 2014 APEC Summit in China.


The 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit will be held by Yanqi Lake in the northern outskirts of Beijing. An international convention center, boutique hotel and 12 VIP villas are being constructed in conjunction with the event.


With 21 world economic leaders set to stay at the center, the demands for safety and security are particularly high. The 12 VIP villas are mutually independent, and the structural layouts of them are totally different. Added to this was a short time frame to propose and implement a solution.


Our solution combines the advantages of two brands: Yale and Doormax. We provided a detailed and workable solution to the customer, working together with the designers to ensure the ideal hardware would be installed door by door. The optimum solution uses a wide range of ASSA ABLOY products: 10,000 Yale ANSI hinges; 1,600 Doormax DM8700 series ANSI locksets; 1,100 Doormax DM8000 series ANSI door closers; 600 Yale DC3000 series ANSI door closers; 350 Doormax DM1