Radial system keeps Eiffel Tower secure


Vachette met the challenge of securing the Eiffel Tower’s technical department’s areas with the Radial locking system.

At 324 meters high, with a stunning view of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is not only the French capital’s symbol but one of the world’s most visited monuments. 

The challenge for Vachette was to replace all the technical department’s locks in accordance with the Eiffel Tower’s own rules while taking into account the customer’s expectations. Above all, for a monument attracting 7 million visitors a year, it was vital that the areas of the tower prohibited to the public were kept secure.

To meet the challenge, Sébastien Pinon, Vachette Sales Officer, proposed out the Radial solution, in consultation with the ordering party, Beaudin Chateauneuf. A well-known product on the market, with proven quality and safety, Radial has A2P certification, including the impossibility of copying a key without the property card and safety certificates.

Despite the great complexity of the work and the high level of aesthetic considerations for the finishing, the Radial system proved the ideal solution. At the end of November 2012, 49 locks had been installed on a part of the tower. “A EUR 4,000 contract, which we are really proud of,” Pinon says.