PostNord centralizes access control system


PostNord has connected a jungle of access control systems. “ASSA ARX was our first and simplest choice. And ASSA was quickly on board”, says Jonas Kaufeldt, security specialist at PostNord. And the effects came just as expected: Increased security and flexibility, decreased administration and lower costs.

Every day 40,000 employees have to access PostNord’s many facilities, most of which are in Sweden and Denmark. In addition there are almost another 40,000 consultants, contractors and staffing employees. A driver may need to enter fifteen buildings along his daily route. The challenge is for the access control systems to operate smoothly. Of course, it is also important for authorizations to be updated so that the right person comes in at the right place. But it has not always been this way.

In the past there were hundreds of independent servers with databases linked to as many access control systems. The databases grew as the employees were hired and quit. Authorization for a person may have been removed in one of the systems, but remained elsewhere.

“We had a museum of access control systems. Now we’ve cleaned up and linked together many different systems in an overarching platform – a central administration for authorization”, says Jonas Kaufeldt,

Orderliness conspicuous by its absence

Improving orderliness was one purpose when central administration for authorizations was introduced in a project that began three years ago. Other objectives were to increase security and reduce costs. With a comprehensive platform connected to a few types of access control systems the local databases could be closed. And that meant reduced costs.

Today a server connects over one hundred ARX systems in many different geographic locations. PostNord has an additional twenty or so local ARX systems waiting for centralization, as well as several older systems in the RiTa series. The next step is to connect the access control systems using a central system for authorizations.

“ASSA ARX was our first and simplest choice. And ASSA was quickly on board. ASSA has understood the benefit of being part of the centralized administration for authorizations from the start. They have been open and contributed to the integration process with our overarching platform AEOS,” says Jonas Kaufeldt.