More companies turn to Seos technology

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Jetmobile and Ricoh China have joined HID Global’s Enterprise Application Partners Program, further expanding the ecosystem of available products that are powered by award-winning Seos technology.

The partnerships are further indication of Seos technology gaining momentum as a common standard for ID credentials on cards, phones and wearables.

“Our application partners are extremely excited by the potential of Seos technology as a common standard that establishes privacy and trust in the communication of secure identity data on cards, smartphones and wearables,” says Kerry Reid, Vice President of Embedded Solutions with HID Global.

“As of the quarter’s close, there are an additional 10 Seos-ready enterprise products and applications that can recognize and trust an HID Global secure identity using Seos technology.”

The ecosystem of Seos-capable enterprise applications encompasses solutions for a broad and growing range of use cases, including PC login and authentication to IT systems and cloud applications, secure print job collection, cashless payments for point of sale and automated vending, building access, opening door locks, elevator access, parking access, and time and attendance management.

Jetmobile, a printing solutions company, is taking full advantage of HID Global’s smart card and proximity card capabilities. “Our multivendor Seos-capable SecureJet Enterprise solution allows large enterprise companies to ensure printed and scanned documents don’t fall into the wrong hands,” says Jean-Francois d'Estalenx, CEO of Jetmobile.

“The high security Seos technology is a key part of our vertical industry secure printing connectors for banks and insurance, oil & gas, public sector, healthcare and SAP printing.”