Sustainability in focus for HID's new headquarters

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HID Global’s new headquarters is a showcase for sustainability, energy-efficiency and environmental design.


During 2012, HID Global began designing its new Headquarters and Genuine HID Operations Center in Austin, Texas. The goal was to substantially exceed standard practice in energy, economic and environmental performance. There would be a commitment to the employee experience, and a showcase for ASSA ABLOY’s portfolio of green products. Water usage and waste management would be state-of-the-art, and the building would support growth without a corresponding increase in energy consumption.


The site selection was based on multiple criteria including proximity to retail amenities and public transportation. To avoid adding to landfills, all concrete and asphalt on the site was reused in the construction process. Water conservation, including waste and irrigation management, was a major focus, with new low-flow fixtures installed reducing potable water consumption an average of 55 percent. There was a significant investment in lighting capabilities including LED bulbs, automated motion detection shutoff, daylight standby sensors and dimmers throughout the facility.


HID Global recycled 86,200 kilograms of metal and 44,600 kilograms of concrete, and re-purposed 12,200 cubic metres of asphalt. Water usage was cut 55 percent, saving 142,000 litres monthly. The ratio of emissions to sales volume is expected to improve by 20 percent using all LED lighting, with a two-year payback. HID Global expects a 30 percent overall energy cost reduction in the future from a reduced North American footprint, Energy Star efficient appliances, LED lighting, and building monitoring systems. Facility design is devoted to minimizing environmental impact with the goal of leadership.