St Paul’s Academy Gym Shapes Up Security With Mul-T-Lock


At London’s St Paul’s Academy, they work hard to incorporate sport – as well as business and enterprise – into students’ daily lives. Their new state-of-the-art gym is also available for use by the local community, both during and outside school hours.

To ensure that high-quality security is maintained, Mul-T-Lock’s Code-It handle has been installed by local locksmith AW Keil.

Terry Grant, Premises Manager of St Paul’s Academy, says: “We’ve invested significantly in the fitness suite to encourage students, staff and the wider community to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The facility accommodates many ‘out of school clubs,’ but for this to be successful, we had to source a security solution we could manage that offered keyless access. 

“Code-It was the perfect choice: it looks like a handle, but we can give visitors a PIN code that can be changed as often as we like. It’s a simple, innovative system with great flexibility. We are already looking at more areas at the academy where we can install it.”
Code-It is securely fixed from the inside of the door, preventing removal from the outside. For safety reasons, the internal handle always allows easy exit.

Darren Griffiths of AW Keil says: “We recommended Code-It because it’s such a simple and instant way of achieving all the benefits of an electromechanical solution, with no need for any secondary locking unit. Designed to enable conveniently controlled access to any door, it can handle high-usage passage doors such as the gym entrance point here.”

When not in passage mode, the Code-It handle can be easily relocked, turning it back into a “code to access” digital door lock. There is both a right- and left-hand version, both with a stainless steel finish and a satin chrome trim. CE marked, the handle conforms to the mechanical requirements of EN1906.
Kevin Menzies, Sales Manager of Mul-T-Lock, says: “The government’s aims to encourage sharing of local facilities within a community is causing security issues. With Code-It, the problem is solved.”

Code-It is one of a number of high-performance products offered in the Mul-T-Lock security range. For further information on Code-It, please visit or contact Desalena Edwards (