Networked access control and contactless readers used to secure plant


The largest transformer manufacturer in China, Shenyang Transformer Group (Shenyang TBEA), has selected network access control solutions and contactless readers from HID Global for access control at its industrial park in Liaoning Province.

The new access control solution is interoperable with the plant’s existing credentials and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of hardware and management software for additional deployments. The solution fully leverages Shenyang TBEA’s existing TCP/IP network investment to provide a centralized, web-based access control system that provides central monitoring, report generation, the ability to establish staff access level settings and visitor management.

Shenyang TBEA deployed HID Global’s VertX V1000 network controllers, VertX V100 door/reader interfaces, iCLASS R10 and iCLASS R30 contactless smart card readers to safeguard its 720,000m2 industrial park, which features a factory, R&D building, administrative offices, elevators, mixed working areas and key equipment rooms.

“After our extensive assessment, we selected HID Global and its physical access control solutions for its leading technology and comprehensive product functionality. We had an experience where some HID Global controllers were accidentally submerged under water and the products still functioned properly without any defects, validating HID Global’s robust product design and quality,” said Yu Liuyi, project manager with Shenyang TBEA. “As a global leader in secure identity solutions, HID Global offers a lifetime warranty to their customers, which eliminates our concern regarding post-sales service and support.”

The new system achieves significant cost savings by enabling additional deployments such as time and attendance, remote area control and visitor management while supporting the factory’s existing MIFARE credentials. Additionally, the solution can seamlessly integrate with multiple sub-systems such as surveillance and fire control systems for area control and safety management.