ASSA’s Smartair system eases access to Sweden’s Göta Canal


Together with the Trollhätte Canal, the 190km-long Göta Canal connects Stockholm and Gothenburg by water. The Göta Canal is one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions and, with its 58 locks, has been named the Swedish construction project of the millennium. Every year about 3,000 pleasure boats glide along the canal at a modest five knots and hundreds of cyclists pedal alongside it, enjoying the surroundings.

The ASSA Smartair System is an advanced offline access control system that does not require any wiring and is ideal for the needs of Göta Kanalbolag, the canal’s operator. The card readers are installed on doors or walls, and work easily and conveniently with contactless MIFARE cards. Authorizations are controlled by a central unit, which simplifies administration when large geographical areas are involved.

The Göta Canal access card controls access to pleasure boats, two museums and facilities such as toilets, showers and washing machines at 21 guest marinas. Of course, Kanalbolaget employees and tradespeople also use the access cards, which can be easily blocked if they are misplaced.
“Another advantage is that the MIFARE cards that Kanalbolaget uses do not have magnetic strips that can be damaged or demagnetized,” says Joakim Törnvall from Swesafe in Motala, who installed the system.

“It feels great; we can greatly reduce the number of keys in circulation and gradually add even more doors to the system,” says Henrik Pettersson, property manager at Göta Kanalbolag. “We have a good foundation that will allow us to add more features as we figure out what we want and need.”
Smartair is based on a modern and efficient technology with a long service life, and can be easily administered in a Windows PC environment. Currently an administrator at Kanalbolaget’s headquarters in Motala takes care of all programming and registration of the approximately 8,000 cards, but in the long term the idea is that these tasks should be handled at the point of sale.