ASSA products to ensure security at Lund’s new psychiatric center


With product installation now underway, a modern psychiatric center is emerging from what was once Skåne Regional Council’s building on Baravägen. The project involves both renovation and constructon work.

“This was the first time we’d delivered all materials directly to a construction site,” says Torbjörn Andrén, sales manager for region south at ASSA. “It’s been great. Direct delivery makes life easier for us as the supplier, as well as for the distributor and installer.”

Glenn Nilsson at Lås-Aktuellt (the distributor in Malmö that sold and is installing all hardware in Peab’s construction project) says: “As work progresses, the assembler simply picks up the products he needs from the locking container that Peab has made available.”

Ensuring the patients’ safety is as important as their privacy. One new product that will facilitate both is the 560 Override room knob. Patients can’t lock themselves in as doors may be unlocked by staff from the outside. Similarly, all cabinets and drawers in training kitchens and activity rooms will be locked.

Offering both outpatient and inpatient care, the center will have over 100 patient and treatment rooms, with about 20 admissions every day. It will consist of eight wards with 107 beds, including: a general psychiatry outpatient ward; a psychosis ward; a psychiatric intensive care unit; a ward for adults with eating disorders; and one for patients with substance-abuse problems.

All wards will be separated by locked doors, and the 2,000-odd interior doors will have handles, lock housings, knobs and cylinders, depending on their function. Elevators will be equipped with special lock cylinders for transporting anxious patients.
By late spring 2013, all door hardware and lock installations will be completed, by June the property owners will move in, and equipment will be transported from the city’s St. Lars Hospital. The first patients are expected by fall. 

Some 600 people will work at the facility, including in education and research.


ASSA patient room knob 560 Override
Meets requirements for privacy and personal safety for patients who reside in various kinds of institutions.

• For patient and treatment rooms where locking doors are preferred.
• Security for the user who wants to lock the door.
• Personnel are always able to enter since the knob disengages during attempts to resist entry from the inside.

Landsdomaren in Lund

Wihlborgs leases 30,000 m2 in Lund to Psychiatry Skåne for 20 years.
13,000sq m addition with renovation of existing 17,000sq m.
Peab is the builder.
Construction period: 2011-2013
Construction cost: About SEK 500 million.