ASSA dp Cliq secures medieval castle


Behind the walls of the centuries-old Örebro Castle in Sweden, the 21st century is firmly established thanks to the ASSA dp CLIQ lock system from ASSA ABLOY.

The centerpiece of downtown Örebro is Örebro Castle, dating back to the 13th century. Over the years the ancient fortress was remodeled into a Renaissance-style castle by King Charles IX, served as a prison and later became the residence of the county governor. The modern castle is a popular tourist attraction featuring exhibits, guided tours, a shop and restaurant. A few private companies also have their offices in the castle.

With all these different activities, tenants and visitors, the National Property Board of Sweden, which manages Örebro Castle, began looking for a modern lock system that could guarantee flexibility and security, when it was time to replace the old mechanical lock system. After comparing several suppliers, they chose ASSA’s CLIQ system, which not only met the requirements but also blends into the historical environment. CLIQ consists of high-security cylinders with mechanical and electronic blocking mechanisms, plus keys with patented mechanical codes and a unique electronic code. The information stored in the key is transferred via a side rail to the cylinder to be approved and registered.

“We did have the option of building a similar mechanical system, but that would soon leave us just as vulnerable and at risk of having lots of keys in circulation,” says Tobias Skelander, manager at the National Property Board of Sweden, which manages Örebro Castle.

The new system ensures a high level of security on all doors at Örebro Castle. The administrators distribute keys with the proper access levels, adjusting them where necessary for individuals who need to be able to open more or fewer doors. If a key is lost, it is simply removed from the system. If some people need temporary access, for example a plumber or electrician, they receive keys that work for a limited time at specific hours of the day.

Last spring all lock cylinders were replaced in the castle’s exterior and interior doors, with very few exceptions. Even the padlocks in the castle are a part of the Cliq system.

“It’s very convenient to have the padlocks keyed in the same system as all the other locks,” says Roger Almeen, who helped to install all the cylinders and also handles administration for the castle’s tenants.

The Cliq system has given the National Property Board of Sweden full control over their key routines, which makes things easier for all parties and is highly appreciated by the tenants.