ASSA delivers security solution to Scandinavia’s biggest convention center


Safety and security are top priorities at Scandinavia’s biggest convention center, Stockholm International Fairs. ASSA’s ARX access control system with Aperio wireless card readers on the doors make it easy for people to meet and greet in the venue.

Stockholm International Fairs in Älvsjö outside Stockholm is Scandinavia’s biggest convention center, annually attracting 10,000 exhibitors and over 1.5 million visitors from all around the globe. The arrangers of the 70 trade fairs and 20 international conventions held here each year have high expectations for security features.

The constantly moving crowds of people at these giant events require effective security. Everyone has different access requirements and all need to get where they’re going with a minimum of hassle. The ARX access control system from ASSA meets all of these needs at Stockholm International Fairs. ARX is a gigantic system of card readers, entry phones and more. The system is managed by a computer monitoring system that gives access to all parts of Stockholm International Fairs. A security alarm, fire alarm and entry phones are all integrated. Thousands of access cards can be manufactured on site, with any desired authorization level. This flexible access control system is perfect for Stockholm International Fairs, where everything is constantly changing.

During the fairs, there are 15 smaller meeting rooms available for rent, where exhibitors can negotiate with clients in a less hectic environment. Each meeting room is fitted with an Aperio card reader. Aperio is a system of wireless card readers that are fully integrated in the access control system, providing additional security on interior doors with no need of additional wiring. A very cost-effective solution for convenient locking. A client who books a meeting room receives a temporary card when the convention, trade fair or event begins. The card is charged against the reader and is valid for 12 hours. If the client rents the room for several days, the procedure is repeated each morning. After 12 hours, the card is blocked. The wireless door-mounted card readers have been in place for a year, during which time thousands of cards have been issued and used. Annika Gejler, convention and security coordinator at Stockholm International Fairs, is thrilled with the card readers for the meeting rooms.

“We’re very pleased,” says Annika Gejler. “The card system adds a whole new security aspect. It’s convenient, boosts security, and it’s really easy to make cards. In the long run it will also be cheaper than using keys.”