Aperio wireless locks integrated with AMAG security systems


AMAG Technology and ASSA ABLOY have worked together to ensure that the former’s Symmetry security management system (SMS) can be used to control the latter’s Aperio wireless lock technology platform.

AMAG is a leader in the design and manufacture of fully integrated access control and video security solutions while ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions.

“Aperio technology is incorporated into a broad range of locking products from a number of ASSA ABLOY Group brands, which offers our customers a tremendous array of options for applications, capability, credential technology, and appearance,” says AMAG Technology Product Manager David Weinbach. “When integrated with AMAG’s Symmetry SMS, this allows the greatest functional and aesthetic flexibility to meet the needs of any expansion, upgrade, or new construction project.”

“AMAG’s Symmetry SMS offers customers a comprehensive security solution for a wide range of end-user markets worldwide,” says Martin Huddart, Vice President of Electronic Technologies for ASSA ABLOY Americas. “This integration offers customers an easy, flexible and scalable access control solution for almost any application within a facility using the Aperio family of wireless locks.”

Aperio serial hubs and the Symmetry SMS are connected by AMAG’s Symmetry EN-LDBU controller. When a credential is presented to an Aperio lock, the card data is sent via radio frequency (RF) communication to the Aperio hub. The Aperio hub then transfers the information to the EN-LDBU.

The EN-LDBU contains a continuously updated database of credentials and permissions, and is able to autonomously process the request from the lock, and make the grant/deny decision independently of the Symmetry server, according to AMAG. It then sends the appropriate response back to the Aperio hub, which transfers the response to the lock, resulting in either the door unlocking or an appropriate indication of denial. The Symmetry server can also send commands to the EN-LDBU for other actions.

Up to 16 locks may be connected to each EN-LDBU, using anywhere between one to 15 Aperio hubs as the needs of the project dictate. EN-LDBU lock controllers can be used alongside other Symmetry traditional wired access controllers, such as M2150, EN-DBC and DBU models.

A single cardholder record in Symmetry will allow access rights to be assigned to any mix of wired and Aperio devices.