Abloy’s SUPER WEATHER PROOF padlocks cope with the toughest conditions


A railway company in Asia was using ABLOY CLIQ padlocks, which contain electronics. Constant exposure to dust, mud and water, and large fluctuations in temperature, however, damaged the electronics in the lock, causing them to jam or freeze.

Listening to the customer, Abloy Oy’s Industrial Locking R&D team in Finland accepted the challenge to develop a series of mechanical and electromechanical Super Weather Proof (SWP) padlocks.

IP68 compliance

An international standard – Ingress Protection (IP) rating – is used as the scale for testing an item’s protection. The IP rating codes indicate how well an item that includes electronics is protected against dust and water. With decades of experience in R&D, Abloy succeeded in developing a series of padlocks that passed the tests for the IP68 level, which indicates a hermetic seal. The same protection level applies to both the electromechanical and the mechanical models.

Stronger than ever

Designed and manufactured in Finland, these ABLOY padlocks provide extremely effective protection against forcing, picking and vandalism. Their case-hardened boron steel shackles offer exceptional durability and have successfully passed demanding corrosion tests.

Electronic options

In addition to mechanical alternatives, the ABLOY SWP range includes locks that combine the best characteristics of mechanical and electronic locks, using the company’s CLIQ technology, where a remote management system allows user rights to be controlled over the internet, and lost keys can be deactivated without the need for mechanical rekeying. Both keys and locks provide an audit trail, and the critical components are protected to ensure operation in extreme conditions.

The ABLOY SWP collection offers a wide range of models for different levels of protection.