Visualize combinations of door hardware online


If you’re looking for a way to picture various combinations of door hardware, you can either trust your imagination or turn to the new Product Selector on Emtek’s home page.

The Product Selector on Emtek’s home page, introduced in February 2012, offers images of knobs, levers and rosettes in some 600 different combinations.

“We use four architectural themes or design styles to differentiate,” says Jason Chau, vice president of supply for Emtek. “First you zero in on a style, choosing from Contemporary, American Heritage, Rustic Living and European Traditions. Then you pick a knob or lever in a style you like, match it up with a rosette and choose one of four to eight different finish options, such as oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel.”

Future plans call for expanding the Product Selector’s reach to mobile devices. “Right now you can access the web application directly through a browser on an iPhone, iPad or Android device,” Jason says. “But we intend to make it even more accessible by developing a customized app.”

The tool is aimed chiefly at end users – the people who will be living with the door hardware. “We want to do a better job of reaching the customers who are actually making the decision,” Jason says. “They’re able to use the model to pick the combination they like.” But it is also aimed at retailers and contractors, since they often help customers make their decisions. “They need to know what combination and finish they’re going to get from us,” Jason says.

The Product Selector is currently only available for passage and privacy sets, but Emtek plans to extend it later to cover such products as tubular entry sets, deadbolts and key-in knobs and levers. But before that happens, a Selector 2.0 version planned for a May 2012 launch will expand the number of composite images available to about 3,000.

You can watch a short promotional video on the Product Selector here: