Tight-sealing sliding doors offer Besam customers improved energy savings


Besam has refined the design of its sliding doors to ensure a tighter seal is created. This door automatics and door-opening solution is more sustainable since it helps to conserve energy.

The Besam TightSeal features extra brushes and rubber bumpers and is available for both existing and new sliding door systems. Benefits include reduced air leakage and water infiltration, both during and after peak usage hours.

Studies show that reducing air leakage in this way can lead to energy savings of up to 60 percent compared to standard sliding door systems. This means that, depending on the configuration selected, Besam TightSeal can pay for itself within 12 to 24 months.

When fitted to the Besam Frame and Slim Thermo, these automatic door systems meet BS EN 12207 (Air Permeability) Class1 standards for thermal efficiency, an official European regulation that will come into force in 2013.