The new evolution in home alarms from Yale


Security specialist Yale takes home security automation to the next level with its SmartHome Alarm.

Yale’s new SmartHome Alarm can be customised to work with a whole host of different accessories, such as PIR movement detectors, remote keyfobs and appliance power switches, in order to meet specific home security needs.

For example, the system can be set up to turn on your bedroom lamp when an intruder trips an external PIR in your back garden. The external PIR can be weight and height adjusted, but comes as pet sensitive as standard, so it’ll not pick up movement from any wandering cats.

With the opted accompanying doorbell, the alarm’s control panel can be connected to a computer or laptop by USB to upload personal MP3 files to use as a doorbell chime.

A series of phone numbers can be programmed into the alarm’s control panel meaning it can be switched on and off remotely by phone, as well as the alarm’s status can be checked by phone when at work or on holiday, for added peace of mind. And if it alerts, it can be programmed to call a telephone number and play a personalized message to inform which PIR has been tripped.

As all the components of the SmartHome Alarm are wireless, the system can be installed easily, with minimal fuss and mess.

The Yale SmartHome Alarm meets European Intruder Standard Grade 2 EN50131. For more information or to buy, visit