Waste collection initiative benefits environment


In the interest of sustainability, ASSA ABLOY France decided in July 2010 to start using a small train to collect waste generated by the factory in Sainte-Savine.

The train now makes five circuits of the factory each day, collecting the waste from each work station. The driver ensures that the waste he collects has been properly sorted into separate bins, according to the agreed categories: domestic waste; paper and cardboard; materials soiled with grease and oil; electronic waste; ink cartridges; and PVC.

In May 2011, it was decided to go one step further and sort plastic wrapping materials. Previously, these materials had been mixed in with the domestic waste and ended up in a landfill. Several collection points were set up around the factory and a campaign was launched to inform factory personnel about the need to sort plastic wrapping materials.

When he goes on his rounds, the driver of the train collects plastic wrapping materials in biodegradable bags, which are then put into our cardboard box compactor and sent to the town’s sorting center. There, the plastic wrapping materials are pressed into bales before being sent to recycling plants and processed so that they can ultimately be used to make bottles, pens or even computers.

In 2011, no less than 13.84 metric tons of plastic materials were collected and recycled.