Sheraton Grand Hotel Edinburgh improved with VingCard


The contactless electronic locking solution Signature RFID VingCard Elsafe at the 269-room Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, in Edinburgh has installed Signature(RFID)as a next-generation upgrade from the traditional magnetic-stripe keycard system for increased security.

In conjunction with the RFID upgrade, Sheraton Grand Edinburgh also implemented VingCard’s VISION software, smoothly interfacing the locking system with the hotel’s property management and point-of-sale systems.

Located just steps from Edinburgh’s Exchange financial district and its famed Princes Street shopping thoroughfare, the 26-year-old hotel last year underwent a top-to-bottom guestroom refurbishment. To cap off the renovation, the hotel completed the installation of Signature RFID locks from VingCard Elsafe, which include near field communication (NFC) cell phone compatibility. Signature RFID offers highly reliable security features and unprecedented convenience and ease-of-operation for hoteliers and hotel guests alike. The RFID locks allow for simple, contactless guestroom entry.

Crucially, the system can be easily adapted to NFC technology, which is expected to be in widespread use globally within a few years and which will enable travelers to use their mobile phones as keys. After making a reservation but prior to arrival at the hotel, guests will receive a booking confirmation number, room number and encrypted room key access code through an encrypted message to their NFC-enabled phone, allowing them to bypass the queue upon arrival and go straight to the room, where their phone will unlock the guestroom door.

Signature RFID also provides unmatched control and security, with its 600-event audit trail and innovative anti-cloning software, creating a sense of ease for hoteliers, according to Christian Hénon, president of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Europe/Middle East/Africa. Additionally, Signature RFID locks offer Signature Grand Edinburgh the opportunity to go green. “The energy-efficient locks require fewer battery changes than traditional electronic locks, meaning less waste and lower battery costs for the hotel,” Hénon says.

Meanwhile, Sheraton Grand Edinburgh is further enhancing property security and guest safety with the VISION by VingCard access management system. Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and several other operating systems, VISION lets hotel management control exactly who has access to every door on the property, and when, by specifying restrictions within defined user-groups, equating to more flexible access management control than the fixed hierarchical structures common with other access control vendors' systems. And with plug-and-play connectivity, an intuitive graphical interface and menu-driven software, VISION is easy to install and to use.