Modern access control at property company Vasakronan


Property company Vasakronan is updating the access systems in two large buildings in central Stockholm. In the historic environment of the Westmanska Palatset conference center, the access system was switched to ASSA ARX one year ago. Now Vasakronan is continuing its modernization project in the Klara Zenit retail and commercial office block.

Klara Zenit is a property at the heart of the action, a modern city block occupied by retail, service commercial and residential uses with a total of 70,000 m2. The downtown Stockholm location requires high, stable security for the large and complex Klara Zenit block, where certain areas are difficult to visually monitor. Therefore Vasakronan is now upgrading its old RiTA access system to ASSA ARX. Vasakronan would like to have contactless readers, a more modern IT platform and an integrated telephone entry system.

Residents can easily use the touchscreen to reserve laundry times on the digital schedule board. The system uses the same contactless tags for identification that also provide access to the front door and the elevator. The ARX access system can also handle the new entry phones that are being installed, which will make it convenient for residents to receive visitors. Fewer separate security systems translate to easier administration and management.

Another part of the access system update involves domains for some of the commercial tenants. Businesses that have their own access systems for their own premises can manage building access. They can use the same cards or tags in either system, making it convenient for users.

The access system also controls access to the different floors in the nine elevators. Office tenants can use the card reader in the elevator to manage employee access rights to the floors.

Finally, Vasakronan wanted to create a cohesive access system for the entire block, which entailed replacing about one third of the code readers from another brand. The previous locking system was also replaced with an ASSA system.