Locate your padlock with Watchlock


Mul-T-Lock’s new Watchlock is a unique combination of a high-security padlock, GPS locating system and SIM-card based communication technologies.

Watchlock is based on the mechanical C10 retained shackle padlock design from Mul-T-Lock and features a Real Time Locating System (RTLS) to determine the exact location of the padlock. This unique solution will also send a signal to your phone or computer to inform you when it is being unlocked or locked.

For additional peace of mind, this is all supported with a secured server, providing personalized reports and real-time information about a Watchlock padlock at any time.

Steve Ross, Managing Director, Mul-T-Lock, says: “This is what makes it a truly innovative product and so different to what is available on the marketplace. It has an established padlock design featuring proven GPS technology, which delivers intelligence to the owner quickly and effectively in one standalone, battery-operated product.”

“Due to its robust construction, Watchlock is capable of serving any application – moving or stationary. It also caters for commercial or residential needs to ensure properties and possessions are kept as secure as possible.”

Keyed-alike and master keyed options are also catered for, where and when required. Watchlock, with Mul-T-Lock’s high security CLIQ electromechanical solution, can also be incorporated to provide a complete audit trail of activity.

“Watchlock will be offered with Mul-T-Lock’s advanced interactive security solution to allow key-patented protection with a unique registration card dedicated to each individual Watchlock,” Steve Ross says.