HID’s iOS software development kit helps secure sensitive data on iPhones and iPads


HID Global, a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions, today announced the release of the ActivClient Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS, which can be used to secure sensitive data stored on iPhones and iPads.

Application developers, enterprises, government entities and other organizations will benefit from this identification technology SDK, which supports two-factor authentication, signature and decryption technology capabilities for all iOS devices. These devices have led the charge in the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon, causing a shift in the way enterprise and government employees access their corporate e-mail and other resources.

The ActivClient Mobile SDK for iOS is the first solution to truly deliver strong authentication to protect corporate data residing on millions of personal smartphones and tablets used for corporate e-mail, portal and cloud application access. It delivers this level of control for users accessing corporate data from the iOS environment through strong authentication, signature and decryption. This technology can be used to secure access to applications and networks with the appropriate hardware.

“This is an important milestone in our mobile strategy,” said Julian Lovelock, vice president of product marketing, Identity Assurance, with HID Global. “As the market shifts from workstations to smartphones and tablets, there is an increased use of these devices to access corporate e-mails and resources. Our iOS SDK will help bring the same level of security that exists today on desktops to mobile devices.”

Enterprise and government organizations are struggling with how to allow employees to use their own mobile devices for work yet keep corporate data secure. As recently as 2010, less than 10 percent of enterprises explicitly allowed BYOD. Current research suggests that most corporations have relented in the last year, with more than 60 percent now adopting pro-BYOD policies.

“Now that most organizations have accepted the pervasive reality of BYOD in their business, mobile device management with advanced security has become a huge priority,” said Monica Basso, Research Vice President with Gartner, Info Security and Privacy Research Group. “Solutions that deliver strong security capabilities for BYOD deployments will become particularly interesting to those organizations as they seek technologies to enforce secure policies. An SDK like that from HID Global gives enterprises the flexibility to create a solution either in-house or through third-party organizations.”

ActivClient Mobile SDK for iOS currently supports several hardware options:
• Standard-compliant PIV and CAC smart cards, HID Global smart cards – connected to the iPhone or iPad using the Precise Biometrics Tactivo smart card reader
• HID Global secure microSD – connected to the iPhone using an Apple-approved sleeve


The HID Global ActivClient Mobile SDK for iOS will be available in October 2012 and can be easily integrated into iOS apps.

*Photo copyright Apple