Electronic lock ABLOY CERTA on world tour


The next generation in Abloy locks offers solutions for applications ranging from small business premises to extensive high-security sites.

Development of the new ABLOY CERTA electronic lock range is based on categorizing products according to the requirements of different customer segments. When launching the new electronic lock range, special attention was paid to a salesoriented way of marketing to end-customers. Instead of using only product numbers, the three product categories are identified by the terms “small business,” “public” and “high-security.” Each category includes single-point and multipoint lock cases.

The countdown for launching the new electronic lock range started on December 1 with hour long internal launch sessions in which Abloy employees who are connected with customers received the brochure and listened to a presentation by product manager Juha-Pekka Hirvonen. They watched a video with the message that ABLOY CERTA brings peace of mind in a world marked by urbanization, crime and uncertainty.

The world tour of launching meetings is continuing through the spring in Belgium,
Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Estonia, the UK, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Korea and France. The list of countries could be extended indefinitely.