Eastern Europe gives ASSA ABLOY opportunities to grow


ASSA ABLOY Eastern Europe covers a lot of land, stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The spaces are vast and so are the markets, giving ASSA ABLOY many opportunities to grow.

The countries in the vast region of Eastern Europe differ greatly from one another. Everything from culture, history and language to economic development, as well as the market outlook for ASSA ABLOY, depends on which of the 27 countries in ASSA ABLOY’s Eastern European Commercial Division you visit. Now, the economic growth in Eastern Europe of recent years presents ASSA ABLOY with many opportunities to grow.

The goal over the next few years is to achieve strong growth. The strategy is to work with three streams – organic growth, geographic expansion and acquisitions.Because the markets differ in many ways, from the maturity of sales channels to the awareness of security standards, so does the approach to business.

In Poland, for example, where the construction and hospitality sectors are buzzing in preparation for the UEFA Euro 2012 football games this summer, commercial projects have been going well and the project specification team has been extended, with a total of five people working on specification and project follow-up.

In the Czech and Slovak markets, where construction projects are on the slow side, there is a strong focus on supporting the different sales channels with dedicated specification teams to help create “pull” in the market. Aftermarket sales, upgrades and facility management are also an important part of ASSA ABLOY Czech and Slovakia’s strategy.

ASSA ABLOY Baltics takes a similar strategy in the three countries that make up its operations – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – where demand for new building construction projects is low because of the recent economic crisis. The strategy here has also been to create demand through specifications and promoting products through the locksmith channel and OEM customers.