NFC locking technology helps BMW drivers book and then open hotel room


VingCard Elsafe has partnered with BMW Group on the development of revolutionary NFC locking and key technology that will boost hotel security and enable drivers to book hotel rooms on the go and then access their guestrooms using their car keys.

Employing BMW’s advanced vehicle navigation systems, drivers can conduct searches for available hotels nearby. Then, leveraging an interface with Micros-Fidelio hotel property management systems, drivers can book their hotel of choice. Once the reservation is booked, the vehicle navigation system guides the driver to the hotel and notifies him or her of the assigned room number.

Upon arrival at the property, the guest can proceed straight to the room, bypassing the check-in process. The guest’s BMW key, which is equipped with next-generation near-field communication (NFC) technology, has by now wirelessly received an access code for the guestroom lock. The BMW key communicates with the NFC-enabled VingCard Elsafe lock to open the door.

“Once again, VingCard Elsafe is at the very forefront of hotel security technology, giving hoteliers and consumers access to the kind of exciting innovation that only recently seemed like science fiction,” says Tim Shea, president of ASSA ABOY Hospitality.

“This innovation complements VingCard Elsafe’s award-winning Mobile Keys technology platform, which leverages NFC to instantly turn any mobile device – smartphone, tablet computer, car key – into a guestroom access key.”

The hotel and reservations interface in the BMW Group’s research vehicle is safe to use while driving, unlike other forms of mobile booking. Consumers can employ the service with confidence, knowing that user data and payment information is securely transmitted by BMW-backed encryption. Moreover, the drivers will receive special hotel discounts and offers in association with this technology, in addition to special recognition within the hotel.

The arrangement carries special benefits for participating hotels, too. Besides access to an elite market, hoteliers also receive valuable, detailed guest profile data if the customer chooses to share this data. This information will allow for extraordinary customer relationship management and highly targeted marketing opportunities. Furthermore, the system allows for a streamlined transaction, since the booking and check-in process are completely automated.