ASSA and VingCard open doors at Clarion Hotel Post


The new Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg boasts high security with smart electronic locks. Products from ASSA and VingCard ensure that the right doors open for the right person, but also that they close.

Clarion Hotel Post chose VingCard Signature RFID for its system for hotel doors. Guests simply hold a contactless key card up to the door to open it. The card cannot be demagnetized and it is not encoded until the hotel guest checks in. It contains information such as the exact times during which the card is activated and the areas that the guest may access.

VingCard retrieves information about authorization and other details to be included on the guest’s card from the hotel reservation system. As a result, guests can check in quickly and with a minimum risk of errors. If guests lose their cards, the problem is easily solved – just ask the front desk to make a new one. When the guest opens the door with the new card the lost card is no longer valid.

Door closer DC 340 was chosen for the hotel rooms, while door closer DC 700 is used for other types of door environments. The DC range was launched in autumn 2011 and features an updated design. One important reason is that the arms and slide rails are narrower than previously. And because the integrated mounting plate is not visible after installation, the door closers easily blend into the hotel environment.

In a room that seats up to 1,000 guests – the banquet hall at the Clarion Hotel Post – the emergency exit hardware must meet extra high demands. That’s why the hotel uses ASSA 1141, an emergency exit device used for outward-opening doors. The device is combined with an electronic lock. On the outside is a VingCard reader, which is controlled by code and card. The emergency exit device with its electronic lock can handle not only evacuation, but also re-entry.