ASSA ABLOY security door closer wins recognition in trade journal


Last year, ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH launched the ASSA ABLOY security door closer – the world’s first door closer with an integrated escape-door locking system. Last month, an independent panel of experts chose this innovative door closer as February’s Product of the Month in the trade journal “WIK – Zeitschrift für die Sicherheit der Wirtschaft”.

The ASSA ABLOY security door closer is unique in that the slide-arm door closer features an escape-door strike and a latch-bolt lock and can be retrofitted to fire doors. The product also meets all of the latest safety requirements in Germany, including those published recently by the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBT).

Jury member Heiko Lohrer from Alarm- und Sicherheitstechnik Lohrer GmbH said the product represents “a really successful development” as it adheres to both escape-route guidelines and regulations on permitted modifications to fire-protection barriers, which are very demanding.

The ASSA ABLOY security door closer makes life easier for building owners as it can be retrofitted using the holes drilled for the door closer that is being replaced – providing the original door closer was fitted in compliance with DIN EN 1154, supplementary sheet 1, which regulates the fitting of door closers with specified hole patterns – meaning that no further drilling, milling, filing or grinding is required.

Bernd Sockel from Sicherheit Sockel, who was also on the jury, described ASSA ABLOY’s product as a “top solution that not only minimizes the installation effort but also represents an appropriate, innovative design solution.”

The ASSA ABLOY security door closer makes retrofitting fire and smoke-protection doors with an escape route locking system hassle-free, fast and easy. Simply unscrew the existing door closer and screw in the ASSA ABLOY security door closer, without any risk of the door losing its fire-protection certification. The door closer’s slide arm is also longer to incorporate the model 332 escape-door strike and the latch bolt lock is mounted on the extended mounting plate, rather than on the door leaf.

The other members of the WIK jury were Stefan Berger (Alarm- & Sicherheitstechnik Berger GmbH), Günter Dolezel (an expert from the metalworking trade), Otfried Jaus (LECTRO Sicherheitssysteme GmbH), Bernd Weiske (Hallescher Schlüsseldienst GmbH) and Harald Wieland (wieland & jarasch GmbH).