Advanced and environmentally efficient wastewater treatment


Mul-T-Lock – a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-security locking products and solutions – recently upgraded its industrial wastewater treatment system, replacing it with one that has a greatly reduced impact on the environment.

The new system combining the technologies of electrocoagulation and electroflotation, benefits both the planet and the company’s bottom line.

Unlike the traditional waste-removal system used formerly by Mul-T-Lock, the new facility uses no hazardous and aggressive chemicals that require special storage and great care.

Based solely on electrical processes, the new method is exceptionally safe and clean.

Thus, the new system generates some important advantages, both financial and environmental: the cost of the entire new process is no more than 0.8 Euros (USD 0.30) per hour, and the amount of sludge to be transported to distant landfills – another heavy expense – has been reduced by as much as 80 percent. Moreover, the technology removes about 95 percent of the metals, compared with about 60 percent with traditional chemical processes, which means that the water is clean enough to recycle back to the plant – for a better environment and considerably diminished water bills.