Electric strikes from effeff are now more energy-efficient


Power supply to effeff’s electric strikes – which allow doors to be unlocked with the press of a button – has been modulated, making the strikes more energy-efficient than ever before.

Previously, a steady amount of power was supplied to effeff’s electric strike during the entire unlock phase, resulting in unnecessary power consumption.

Now, power supply to the strike mechanism has been modulated so that it only receives power when required. Power to the solenoid is increased only until the unlock state is reached, instead of using full power during the entire unlock phase.

Less power is now needed to hold the strike in the unlock state, thereby reducing power consumption. For ASSA ABLOY’s customers, this modification has resulted in a product that works better, is more reliable, is easier to maintain and draws less power.

For ASSA ABLOY, the use of a different material in the solenoid has resulted in less waste in the production process, reduced dissipation of energy and – ultimately – a more attractive product.